Welcome to OakHouse Reflexology


Reflexology is based on the theory that different points on the feet, lower leg and hands correspond with all parts of the body.  By using specific techniques to treat each zone, treatments provide a boost, stimulating blood flow and energy, and clearing blockages through the body. 

It is a natural, holistic, non-invasive therapy, treating the whole body, not just specific symptoms.  Each treatment is tailored to the inidividual, taking into account any physical or non-physical factors that can affect wellbeing.



Benefits of Reflexology

Reflexology helps the body restore its balance naturally.  This state of balance or homeostasis as it is known scientifically, can be affected by stress, lack of sleep, personal loss, illnesses and other mild or more complex conditions.  Recent research suggests that many diseases and conditions are likely to be stress related. 

Reflexology treatments can bring about a state of relaxation, both physical and emotional, reducing tension and anxiety levels and improving mood considerably.  It can also help with pain relief and boost the parts of the body that may need specific attention.  Life today is often far too busy and we often need to stop and take some time to unwind, in an attempt to restore the body and mind to optimum health.

Reflexology can help people with the following:

  • Stress, depression and anxiety
  • Bereavement
  • Stomach issues such as indigestion and IBS
  • Pain or injury
  • Headaches
  • Sleep problems
  • Pregnancy, post-natal issues
  • Infertility and Conception
  • Hormone related conditions
  • Auto-Immune condition